Purchasing Photographs

Virtually all of the photographs on this web site are available as prints and/or may be licensed for other uses – just e-mail if you see one that interests you.

Visit the gallery to see an organized archive of many of my photographs.

All photographs on this web site are © Ben Gundy – All Rights Reserved unless otherwise noted. No unauthorized use is permitted – all use requires permission.

Web Sites and Blogs

I’m always happy to hear that you find joy or inspiration in my photography. If you like one of my photographs and you want others to know about it via your web site or blog please post a text link back to the original photograph on my web site. While I appreciate the text links, I request that you ask me before posting my photographs on other web sites. This applies to commercial and non-commercial web sites, and copyright issues apply in both cases.

Please contact me for more information if you would like to discuss licensing for web or other use of my photography.


My photographs are licensed for many purposes including installation in public spaces, hotels, gift shop sales in national parks and monuments, magazines/journals, book covers, cards, web sites, brochures, etc… Contact me for more information or send a proposal.

Purchasing Prints

Again most, if not all, photographs on this website can be purchased through my gallery.

I am occasionally asked, “Do prints include the large border with your name, the web site URL, and copyright notice that is included on web images?” No. Those features only appear in the small online versions of the photographs. Prints consist entirely of the photograph with an appropriate white border, but with nothing else added.

A note about online image quality

The .jpg format used for images on web sites uses lossy compression and cannot display the full dynamic range (from white to black) or range of colors. Therefore, web versions of photographs do not have the same quality seen in prints, and prints will look somewhat different from what you see on your monitor.

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