Old Mormon Style Barn

Since moving to Idaho I am finding more and more subjects to photograph. Old barns have always intrigued me and Idaho has a bunch of them. However, new developments are knocking down these old structures faster than I can find and photograph them. The local history is being plowed over for new history, good or bad.

This is the second attempt at photographing this barn. First attempt was on the other side of the barn looking at the back of it and all new homes in a newer development in the background. I was taking new photographs every few minutes, hopefully, for a good sunset shot. I noticed the sun getting lower and lower finally peeping through the rear of the barn. I waited a few more minutes to get the sun in the right spot for a sun flare by stopping down my lens to a small aperture. As you can see the pointed sun flare works for this subject along with the sunset.

A week after I took this shot a a sign was put up advertising a new subdivision called Whitecliff on this 40 acre parcel. A week after that, the barn and adjacent old house was gone, every tree, bush, and stick of wood. I am glad I got to photograph this barn before it vanished forever…