Male Osprey Delivering A Rainbow Trout Meal

Male Osprey Delivering A Rainbow Trout Meal, Eagle, Idaho, June 19, 2018. © 2018 Ben Gundy, all rights reserved

  I waited around twenty minutes for the male to come back to this nest hopefully with a fish of some kind. I wasn’t disappointed, a rainbow trout was on the menu for the three small Ospreys. This trout was handed off to the female and she fed the trout to her young. One trout wasn’t going to do it, so off he went, again, looking for the next fish.

This image is the last of my Osprey photos for the year. I have about a dozen Osprey and hawk nests picked out for next year, but that is so far away. I will be off in late September to photograph elk and moose in rut and, hopefully,  beautiful fall color landscapes.

All media © Copyright Ben Gundy and others as indicated. Any use requires advance permission from Ben Gundy.

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