Winter Feeding American Goldfinches

American Goldfinches on Nyler feeders

Since it seems to only rain or snow here in the Treasure Valley at night, mornings can be very beautiful. This mornings snowfall only amounted to approximately 5/8ths of an inch (16mm) and didn’t deter the American Goldfinches from feeding. The Nyler thistle seed is dry in their two tube feeders and one mesh feeder. The Goldfinches seem to like the mesh feeder more that the tube feeders, more natural I guess. These finches will deplete these feeders in about three days, one twenty pound bag of seed a month during the winter months.

I also have another set of feeders up for the regular House Finches and Sparrows that come to the yard. Their is also a block of seed for the Dove and Quail if any stop bye. Water is also provided by a heated birdbath which all seem to enjoy during these winter months. I figure keep these birds happy now and they will stick around during spring and summer with their babies.

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