Female Osprey with Three Offspring

Female Osprey with Three Offspring, Eagle, Idaho, June 19, 2018 © 2018 Ben Gundy, all rights reserved

The Osprey, sometimes called the sea hawk, river hawk, or fish hawk nests on land near a body of water. This female Osprey is finishing up feeding the two young Osprey chicks, on the right, a trout.  The trout is a Department of Fish and Game planted Rainbow trout from one of the fishing ponds nearby. I would imagine it would take many fishing trips for the male Osprey to supply food for the three offspring and their mother. One small trout doesn’t come close to feeding their hungry mouths. The male Osprey is in the nest when this image was taken and soon flew out looking for the next fish for the family.

This Osprey nest also houses House Sparrow nests and maybe a Starling nest. All good neighbors I assume.

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