Young Bull Tule Elk Late To The Party

Young Bull Tule Elk Late To The Party, Point Reyes National Seashore, California, August 31, 2017  ©2017 Ben Gundy, all rights reserved.

This image is my last tule elk image in the series. Please see my other two previous blog posts on these interesting bull tule elk.

This is the last tule elk that Jeff and I photographed. He was in front of us this time, 180 degrees from the last big bull tule elk. Notice how the light is different and the fog is thicker. My Canon 1D Mark IV struggled with the auto focusing so I had to use manual focus, 10 frames per second helped a lot getting the bull jumping over the fence just at the right moment.

This young bull tule elk was the last one to join the others just over the rise in the fog. He didn’t have a chance with the females but his high testosterone level didn’t care. After we got our images we headed up the road after our next photo opportunity.

All media © Copyright Ben Gundy and others as indicated. Any use requires advance permission from Ben Gundy.

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