Black-tailed Doe Hiding In Grass

Black-tailed Doe Hiding In Grass, Point Reyes National Seashore, California  ©2017 Ben Gundy – all rights reserved.

Well, not so much hiding, maybe bedding down may be the appropriate description. Jeff, Daniel, and I were traveling down a local road looking for more wildlife and came across two black-tailed does along side the road. Since we were inside the vehicle the deer paid us no mind. Daniel moved his vehicle around so Jeff and I could shoot from inside his vehicle out the windows. The photography was pretty easy and we did not spook the deer. After a few minutes shooting we left the does alone and headed down the road to the next photography opportunity.

There are three species of deer in the park; black-tailed, fallow, and axis. The fallow and axis are non-native to the area leaving the black-tailed deer native to the area and most/all of California.

I would imagine it would be rutting season for the black-tailed deer in the park. However, I/we did not see any bucks hanging around anywhere during our short stay. Usually, where the does are the bucks would be close by…

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