Adolescent Bull Tule Elk With Battle Damaged Antlers

Adolescent Bull Tule Elk With Battle Damaged Antlers, Point Reyes National Seashore, California, August 31, 2017  ©2017 Ben Gundy, all rights reserved.

Before Jeff and I photographed the black-tailed doe hiding in the grass, the whole area was socked in with fog. Both Jeff and myself wanted to shoot elk in the fog, Daniel said sure thing. Actually, it didn’t take us long to find a Tule Elk along the road in the fog. Again Jeff and I photographed through the side windows of Daniel’s vehicle. We were pretty excited by our captures of this adolescent bull elk. I didn’t realize that his antlers were damaged until I got home and processed the Canon files in Lightroom. Damaged in battle no doubt as August is the Tule Elk’s rutting season.

Focusing in the fog is difficult using your cameras auto focus feature. My Canon 1D Mark IV did a pretty good job of it but when it was off, it was way off. Sometimes you just need to use manual focus on your subject.

All media © Copyright Ben Gundy and others as indicated. Any use requires advance permission from Ben Gundy.


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